Restorative 3M Lava™ Ultimate

A shock-absorbing material with unique functionality

3M Lava™ Ultimate


Lava™Ultimate Restorative is a uniquely different CAD/CAM material. Shock absorbency cushions against chewing forces

Lava™Ultimate Restorative is a resin nano ceramic—a new class of CAD/CAM material with unique functionality.

A resin nano ceramic has an elastic modulus that’s comparable to dentin—which is much lower than what brittle glass ceramic materials or PFM veneering porcelains provide. This enables Lava Ultimate restorative to better absorb chewing forces and reduce stress to  the CAD/CAM restoration. This is especially advantageous for crowns over implants. A tooth is naturally protected by the flex of the periodontal ligament, but the implant procedure removes the ligament, leaving no shock absorbance or sensory function—so the crown may fracture or chip.

The impressive durability of resin nano ceramic also comes from its high flexural strength of 200 MPa, making Lava Ultimate restorative a tough CAD/CAM material with excellent resiliency.

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Introducing Lava™ Ultimate Restorative. The ultimate combination of beauty and strength.

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