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MODERN CLEAR:  Teeth straightening with Clear Aligners
Clear Aligners are most probably the easiest way to correct teeth. No matter if they are crowded, with gaps in between or if you have an open bite: There are plenty of cases that are suitable for a Clear Aligner Treatment with the MODERN CLEAR System.

This is how the Clear Aligner System is correcting your teeth:
The patient has to wear a Clear Aligner upon each jaw. This Clear Aligner has to be changed every 2 weeks. Each Clear Aligner exerts a slight pressure on the teeth – in order to move them to the planned position one by one. The patient has to wear the Clear Aligner all day long and through the whole night on his / her teeth. Only for eating and brushing the teeth the patient should take the Clear Aligner out.

The duration of the treatment always differs – depending on the difficulty of the tooth deficiency. On average we can say that a tooth correction with the MODERN CLEAR teeth straightening system usually takes about 6  – 9 months.

What many do not know:

With the MODERN CLEAR system you will always get a 3D Simulation first – even before you accepted to go for the treatment ( and of course before you have been charged for that!). So that means you will be able to evaluate the smile of your dreams by looking at the prognosis of the end result.

Only when you are satisfied with the prognosis you should agree with the actuall treatment plan. So your are always on the secure side.

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